If you want to get a man to commit, then I’m going to share 3 ways you can help make that happen.

If you’re connecting with a guy and want more, but he’s not there yet, there are 3 mindset and energy shifts you can make, to get you further along the love road, than pushy strategies and tactics that don’t work.

1. Drop the vibe of ‘I need you to make me happy’. 

When you give off this message with your words and actions, it comes off as desperate and he’ll feel something’s being taken from him.  On the other hand, if your heart is full and ready to share, then he’ll know.  If you ‘need’ someone, then it’s time to find ways of filling up on spiritual and other forms of positivity. That way, your relationship becomes about expanding joy and love.  If you’re open to connecting and your guy doesn’t have his heart open for sharing, then energetically you’ll sense this.  You can then start filtering out Mr Wrongs.  There’s someone out there who’s ready and when you’re in the right mindset…you’ll attract him to you.

2. Do less and be more.

This is a way of allowing a man to make love happen when he’s ready.  If you’re grounded in your source of light, then you’ll POP to the right man who’s open to a relationship.  A healthy man needs distance and space to figure love situations out.  A masculine man wants to offer you action, but he’s only inspired to do that when you relax into an energy of confidence and openness.  Let him do the work.   You ‘doing’ stuff makes him lean back.  YOU need to be the one leaning back…that is the feminine energy way.

3. Know where you’re going & have goals.

If you know you want children, marriage and connection, then that’s what drives your behaviour now.  Not only will you have more confidence, you’ll convey that energetically to your guy.  You’re not asking him to be your ‘baby daddy!’…you’re just clear on what you want and you’re looking for someone to join you.  Just observe him and see what he’s offering and you’ll figure out if he’s a match.  Speak your truth in a light and breezy way.  Let him know you’re looking for a commitment, but not necessarily from him!  You want someone who’s on the same wavelength and it’s okay to voice that, without hanging your expectations all over your relationship with him.

All of the above are subtle feminine energy ways of attracting a man who’s ready for a committed relationship.

When you relax, men feel your ease, and it’ll help you move closer to true love with a man who’s ready to build with you.

To summarise…

⦁ Never ‘need’ a man.  If you feel you have a hole in your soul, then get help to heal and shift old stuck patterns.  Fill up on other love sources.

⦁ Don’t do so much.  Lean back and draw him to you by creating space.

⦁ Make goals and consider dropping any guy who’s not on board with them. It’ll help keep you focused and weed out the unsuitables.

To your life and love

Linda B x

Linda Bebbington is a Love Coach & Psychotherapist, teaching high-vibe women how to attract love with proven psychology and a little bit of intuitive magic.  She’s the author of ‘Get Your Ex Back’ and the creator of ‘The Secret Love Scripts’ and ‘A Date With Destiny’.  You can contact her below for 1-1 coaching or book a ‘Message From the Universe’ Intuitive Love Reading with her colleague Sheena Reid.