Coaching, DONE-FOR-YOU Scripts, Tools & Tips To Get Your Love-Life On Track The EASY Way


Coaching, DONE-FOR-YOU Scripts, Tools & Tips To Get Your Love-Life On Track The EASY Way

If you want to find love, create love, heal from love, save love, grow love, be love, then…

We’re here to make it happen

If your current relationship status is ‘complicated’ then chances are you’re exhausted… trying to make love work.


  • You didn’t expect to be so tired and frustrated at this point in your life
  • You’re scared your relationship is broken, but you don’t know how to fix it
  • Your date/partner is blowing hot and cold and you want them to commit or propose
  • You want to know how to date so you get to real love sooner
  • You want marriage or a family, and the ticking clock is unsettling

Whether you’re currently single, suddenly solo, or need a relationship rescue…we’ll tune into your heart, raise your confidence, and share the love-tips that lead you to the love you deserve.

Dating & Relationship Coaching

Looking for a relationship or to fix the love you have?

Coaching is for you if you want…

  • A real heart-to-heart and support to make your best decisions (Should I stay? Should I go? Should I date them?)
  • Feedback on your current relationship to improve or save it
  • Full access to the expertise of a relationship coach, so you learn how to become a high value woman that calls the shots in her love life
  • ‘Done For You Dating’ tips, scripts and tools, so you stop second-guessing and successfully move through dating to commitment or marriage
  • Powerful attraction processes that make love EASIER
  • Nurturing to remove old patterns that are blocking you from the love you want

If you’re looking for the fast-track to the one you love while building your self-confidence… then I’d like to help you do that

Coaching packages are available, so contact me for details…


single or dating

 I’m here to help you …

Navigate the pleasures and pitfalls of dating, so you make great decisions and attract ‘the one’ you’re looking for. That means showing you how to…

  • Use texting, chat and online dating, with sample words and scripts that you can copy and paste if you’re stuck for words
  • Respond to messages, requests for dates and other communications in ways that help that special person feel attracted to you
  • Understand how the average person falls in love and what makes them give their heart to a particular woman
  • Move from first date all the way through to commitment and/or marriage
  • Deal with confusing dating situations, such as getting mixed messages from someone you really like (and exactly what to do about it)
  • Time your dating to maximise your chance of finding real love
  • Make an online dating profile that gets the hits and hearts
  • Become the best version of yourself by tapping into your ‘YIN’ energy, that speaks to someone’s heart (instead of their head)




For those ‘in love’ who want to improve their relationships or get a deeper commitment, we’ll show you how to…

  • Get a rock-solid strategy for avoiding the long-fling if you want to be a girlfriend of wife
  • Communicate in a powerful way has your lover wanting a closer bond
  • Save your relationship if it’s on rocky ground
  • Find deeper connection, love and harmony so you can relax and enjoy true intimacy and find your WOMAN POWER.




For those looking to get over heartbreak or get their Ex back, we’ll show you…

  • How to stand the BEST chance of attracting you Ex back using psychology and the art of attraction (if the relationship is worth fighting for)
  • Move on easily and more quickly if you’re in current heartbreak and want to heal and find new love
  • Navigate your breakup or divorce whilst staying sane, supported and nurtured by a strong team of women who have your back AND your heart
  • Prepare yourself for the greatest love you’ve ever had, because you’ve learnt the snazzy secrets of being a high value woman that attracts love naturally (REALLY).



How Does The Coaching Work?

1. Order your session

2. You’ll receive an email with further instructions.  You’ll be shown exactly how to open links for your session, or setup a Skype account, we’ll make it all easy.

3. You book your time with Linda

4. Linda will send you a Skype/Zoom link OR Whatsapp phone link.  You can call mobile or landline if you’re in the UK or Spain. (Linda lives between UK and Marbella in Southern Spain.  Sheena is UK based).

5. You’ll receive an pre-session pack that’ll allow you to explore your burning questions and the results you want from the session.

6. At the arranged time, Linda will connect to you via online links or you’ll call the free number via Whatsapp.

7.  You’ll have your 30 or 60 minute session with pre-set goals to achieve.  That’s why the pre-session pack is so important.  We always want you to get the results you’re after.  That might mean knowing how to deal with a current guy you’re dating, or working on scripts to use that’ll help you know what to say and do to give your love the best chance of working.

You also might want to use the time to just get some emotional support and a shoulder to lean on in times of trouble.  You can get so much out of getting perspective, settling your feelings and moving on with a stronger mindset, new skills and a brand new way of dealing with love and relationships.

If during your first session you feel you’d benefit from on-going coaching, Linda will talk you through package prices, which are at a reduced rate.  YES!


What Kind Of Issues Can I Get Help With?


Any issues relating to relationships, confidence building, healing past traumas and clearing blocks to love success.

Dating tips, scripts outlining what to say and how to say it, if you’re unsure of how to progress your relationship, succeed at dating or save a relationship you care about.

Strategies for getting an Ex back, what to do, what not to do to give you the best chance of saving your relationship.

Help to heal a broken heart and move forward as quickly as possible after a separation, divorce or the ending of any relationship.

Space and time to process what you want from a relationship and making a plan that will get you there.

Help to make the decision about your current relationship, whether to leave it or save it.

Help to get out of abusive relationships.

Assertiveness and communication skills training, so you know how to get your needs met, bring about behaviour change in others and set boundaries that will make your relationships WORK.

Feminine energy training, that will have masculine energy people ready to make you their girlfriend, partner or wife.

Intuitive guidance that will inform your decisions going forward.

ANY type of relationship issue where you need more empowerment to get the results you desire.


Are There Any Guarantees?

Well, we can’t guarantee a relationship will work because…humans are unpredictable (have you noticed?), but we have an astonishing success rate for helping people find and save love with the RIGHT person.

The processes are mighty.  They rely on a need for co-creation, so your input is essential if you are going to get the results you want.

That means taking action in your own best interests and working with the relationship and attraction principles that will work in your favour.

Of course, you are in control of your own decisions, and we can do powerful work together to help you remove blocks to happiness and freedom.  You can’t make anyone love you, but you can DEFINITELY feel fabulous with or without that person who doesn’t see your value.  However, we can show you how to take steps that can influence others to want to be with you or co-operate to make your relationship flourish.


Do You Offer Refunds?

We don’t.

If you pay for a package at a reduced rate, and you’ve already used any of the sessions, then we ask you to honour the agreement.  If for any reason you’re really not happy, then we can charge your used sessions at the full rate and refund the difference.  We want to create harmony and trust in our work together, so I don’t hold you hostage if you really feel we’re not a match. 

If for any reason,  you’re in a package and your coach feels you’re not a match, we’ll part ways on friendly terms and refund for unused sessions.

We believe fully that in this universe we co-create our reality so we keep everything as high-vibe as possible.

And we are fully….straight up!


What tech do I need to access coaching?

For email coaching, you just need an email service.

For phone coaching you need to call us at your appointed time. To get FREE calls you  need to sign up for Whatsapp which is a free text and call app, safe and easy to download on your phone.

You can also choose to pay for phone calls from your own country to us in Spain and the UK.

If for any reason you have Wi-Fi issues, then we leave it to you to revert to calling via a paid phone service.  We want you to get the best quality from your coaching, so having a good signal is important.  This is the same case with Skype or Zoom calls. If the interent plays up, then we’ll revert to a phone call.

For Skype, just sign up here and I’ll send you a link so we’re connected. It’s easy as long as you have a microphone either on your laptop or an external headset, along with a built-in camera.(

Often we’ll just use Facebook messenger which has video chat, calls and voice chat…so it’s super easy and sometimes a better connection.

Everyone is using tech to connect these days, so talk to us if you need any help. It’s simple, even if you’re tech phobic, we’ll look after you!


Success Stories

Sometimes you don’t know you can’t live without something until you experience it.  For me it’s being part of the monthly coaching program.  I get total gems from Linda and I love the empowerment principles she uses. Thank you so much.

Chloe M (Scotland)

I’m tons more confident when I’m on dates and I’m moving forward with my number one man.  Before…  I didn’t know what I was doing wrong.   I feel so guided.  Thank you.

Gina B. (Nevada)


I LOVE everything about Dare To Sparkle.   I started off with the heartbreak coaching after my relationship fell apart.  I am now in an exclusive relationship with someone else, as of last week, and I’m looking forward to seeing where this all goes.

Kelly W. (UK)



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