about you!

You’re a successful woman in your own right…

And now you’re ready to attract a beautiful relationship and create the life you were born to live.

Maybe you’ve loved and lost or you’ve found ‘the one’ and need help making that love story work. Perhaps you’re fed up with loser dates and letdowns and you’re ready to take charge of your love life.  Either way…I’ve got your back.

I’m going to help you get things moving in the right love direction, so you get the results you want.  Whether that’s marriage and children, or a partner to grow with, or to get over your ex, or to build an awesome life…you’ll be armed with a lot of psychology, some sassy relationship secrets and a little bit of feminine energy power to raise you UP.

It’s no coincidence you’re here.  Your high hopes, high-vibe and strong intuition have guided you to the home of your heart…right where you belong.

You’re a little bit different, an edge walker, a dream-maker,  an optimist, an uplifter!  You’re open-minded, a survivor, an adventurer, a lover, and although you have your feet on the ground, deep in your heart you believe you can create the epic life and love you deserve.

If that describes you, then we’re your people.

Come on in…we’ve been waiting for you. xoxo



I’m Linda Bebbington, your relationship & confidence coach

For over 2 decades, I’ve been helping women raise their self-belief and find the love of their life.  Like you, I’ve been through the highs and lows of relationships. I’ve had my heart broken, been obsessed with a few wrong ‘uns, and suffered the pain of rejection.  I’ve put up with poor treatment and cried into my gin after yet another disappointment.

But along the way, it became my mission to figure out how good relationships are built and how we move from self-doubt to rising strong as women.

My work and research have focused on courage, confidence, love, boundaries and self-acceptance.  As well as completing a masters in general psychotherapy, I also geeked out on dating strategies, building intimacy and discovering the language and behaviours that attract love and great relationships.

My work aims to make you feel freakin’ unstoppable and to share strategies that move you towards love with high standards…SOONER.

We all need others from time to time on this tricky path to loving ourselves and others.

So get in touch.



    All the Single Ladies..

     I’m here to help you …

    Navigate the pleasures and pitfalls of dating, so you make great decisions and attract ‘the one’ you’re looking for. That means showing you how to…

    • Use texting, chat and online dating, with sample words and scripts that you can copy and paste if you’re stuck for words
    • Respond to messages, requests for dates and other communications in ways that help that special person feel attracted to you
    • Understand how the average person falls in love and what makes them give their heart to a particular woman
    • Move from first date all the way through to commitment and/or marriage
    • Deal with confusing dating situations, such as getting mixed messages from someone you really like (and exactly what to do about it)
    • Time your dating to maximise your chance of finding real love
    • Make an online dating profile that gets the hits and hearts
    • Become the best version of yourself by tapping into your ‘YIN’ energy, that speaks to someone’s heart (instead of their head)




    For those ‘in love’ who want to improve their relationships or get a deeper commitment, we’ll show you how to…

    • Get a rock-solid strategy for avoiding the long-fling if you want to be a girlfriend of wife
    • Communicate in a powerful way has your lover wanting a closer bond
    • Save your relationship if it’s on rocky ground
    • Find deeper connection, love and harmony so you can relax and enjoy true intimacy and find your WOMAN POWER.




    For those looking to get over heartbreak or get their Ex back, we’ll show you…

    • How to stand the BEST chance of attracting you Ex back using psychology and the art of attraction (if the relationship is worth fighting for)
    • Move on easily and more quickly if you’re in current heartbreak and want to heal and find new love
    • Navigate your breakup or divorce whilst staying sane, supported and nurtured by a strong team of women who have your back AND your heart
    • Prepare yourself for the greatest love you’ve ever had, because you’ve learnt the snazzy secrets of being a high value woman that attracts love naturally (REALLY).