Texting Secrets For Women

The ‘Done For You Text Scripts’ That Show EXACTLY What To Say Through Dating, Breakups & Falling In Love

The ‘Done For You Text Scripts’ That Show EXACTLY What To Say Through Dating, Breakups & Falling In Love

You just received a message from the one who’s hooked your heart

It’s that special person, the one you’ve been longing to hear from.  You want to get your words just right, so you don’t blow it.  You don’t want to risk driving them away.

But you feel out your depth in how to respond.  You get all in your head about it…

Should I reply straight away?’.

‘How can I say something flirty and fun that’ll impress them?’. 

‘How can I word my response so I don’t sound too keen, or too cold?’.

And that’s just one text you have to grapple with.  If you’re dating or trying to move a relationship forward, there are a whole host of texting dilemmas you face daily.

There’s worrying about the words to use, or whether you should reply, or how to be assertive, or how to be sexy, or when to lean back, or how long to leave between texts, or what to say if they disappear and pop back up with their, ‘Hey’ text!

Then there are the texts you need when you want to ask them out, without looking desperate

The words you need to win back the heart of your Ex

The seductive sentence you need to draw them closer

It’s a minefield!

And it doesn’t matter whether you’re just dating or in a relationship, you just know the art of texting plays a MAJOR role in building attraction and bonding.

That’s why it’s vital to use the right words…

…the correct tone, the perfect amount and the right timing… to get them seeing you as that ‘high-value woman’ they adore.

And now this latest text has you typing and deleting over and over because your self-doubt and second-guessing is in overdrive.


You just can’t find the words that will come across as cute, or flirty, or cool, or smart.

You don’t know if you should say ‘yes’ to their offer, or play it cool.

You’re clueless about how to be like those other women, the ones that seem to breeze it.

If ONLY you had a guide to use that would have that cutie seeing you as their star and calling you their sweetheart.  Because, right now, having a whole bunch of scripts that you can cut and paste would feel like a dream come true.


I may just have something that will catapult you out of texting misery.

So…put down your phone and get ready to access…

The writing secrets that create mind-melting, heart-melting, loin-melting text messages that get that special one LONGING to connect…

Even if they’re blowing hot and cold

Even if you’re clueless about what to say to them

Even if right now…they’re making YOU do all the chasing

I’m here to hand you 200+ powerful & proven texting scripts that lead to the relationship RESULTS you want 

Within the next few minutes you’ll have access to my e-book of psych-approved text scripts that will boost your success rates in dating & building attraction


You’ll have instant access to over 200 ‘Love Me Tender’ texts that start a life-long bond with the RIGHT love match… 

From this moment on, you’ll have the exact words to deal with just about ANY relationship or dating scenario that plays out via the medium of texting or online chats.  That means YOU being empowered  …instead of waiting around for the other person to drive things forward.

There are texts for when things go pear-shaped…like when they ghost you, stand you up, go missing in action, pull away, end things, or fail to ask you on a date.  

There are also text scripts that help you build natural affection...like specific compliments that reach their heart; simple words that help move to commitment;  seductive texts that spice things up…and messages that ultimately ensure you become THAT woman they fall for…head over heels.


Well, it’s all based on the psychology of love, desire and attraction.  Everything you read and implement is hand-crafted by me, using my 20+ years of psychology and love coaching experience.

Because what we all need to understand is…

When it comes to love, it’s LANGUAGE that’s our most powerful resource.  The words we say and how we express ourselves makes the difference between success and failure in the initial love-stakes.  And if you want to build a real relationship with your number one …then keep reading…

Your texting guide will show you a wagonload of astonishingly potent phrases and responses, that get your special person to see you as the one they can’t risk losing…starting right now.

It walks you through strategies such as…

  • The Essential Attraction Formula you need before you’ll EVER create interest (psychology shows this is required for relationships to grow)
  • Sticky Sentences that glue you in their head for hours, days and weeks, especially when they’re cool or distant
  • The ‘Flatter, Flirt & Fly Method’ that when used in a text, melt them after date one
  • The Never-Fail Nudger that has their thumbs firing off a reply to you (even if they’ve been holding back)
  • The Heart Hooks that get them excited..and ready to pursue you
  • The Flirty Sequence to use in your messages that take you from dating site to a real date
  • The ONE WORD to use in your texts that ramps up their interest. (It’s NOT what you think!)
  • The 15 Love Repellant Texts, that if sent, will hot-foot your relationship to the grave.
  • A 1 line sentence that when sent as a text, will encourage them to call
  • The 9 Psychological Triggers that will start a beautiful connection
  • The OPEN LUST LOOPS that stop them dead in their tracks, eager to hear your response
  • The Language of The Wild Feminine that builds passion for you…deep in their psyche
  • The Non-Sleazy Visual Writing Secrets that make you seep into their brain…like melted butter


Whether you’re single, dating or in a relationship…you’re going to learn how to talk and text in a way that highlights your authentic, irresistible womanly power

No Matter What The Situation…

There’s a text script that will allow you to know what to say, how to say it AND when to say it.

No more guessing and doubting.

No more confusion because they’re uncommital and you don’t know what to do about it.

No more wandering down texting Struggle Street, when you want a date or to move the relationship on

Because as well as the flirty, fun and foxy texts that’ll melt their heart…

…there are whole sections on dealing with poor behaviours, hot and cold actions, low-effort and outright disrespect!

As soon as you hit a wall, you can simply turn to the guide and find the powerful words that will let you take control and flip everything in your favour.



You’ll access word for word text scripts to deal with all those tricky scenarios such as…

The ‘Back From the Dead Text’ For when they pop back up after ignoring you (so in their eyes, your value skyrockets)

The ‘Hey, Hi, Wassup Text’ – That gets them to send messages that MEAN something  

The ‘Casper Crusher’ – For reaching out in an elegant, easy way when they ghost

The ‘Do-or-Die Detonator– That ensures they’ll NEVER stand you up again

The ‘Slow Lover Switch-Up’ – That speeds up their responses and makes them MUCH more attentive

The ‘Smoke & Mirrors Message’ –  That answers their, ‘Sorry I’ve been busy’ message, and makes them prioritise YOU

The ‘Dream Date Accelerator’That stops them wanting to just hang-out and arrange quality dates instead

The Smart Girl B.S.Callout’That shuts down constant excuses (AND ramps up attraction for you)

The ‘Break-Up’ Texts – What to text when they ask for space, break up with you, want you back and everything in between 

The ‘Sex’ Texts – The powerful way to avoid being disrespected, pressured or becoming their ‘Sex Buddy’ or ‘Booty Call’ 

And a whole host of other salty, sweet and spicy messages that deal with asking them out, turning them down and turning them on.

Because texting scripts form only part of the solution to earning devotion.

You also need to know how to start leaning into a specific kind of energy, that puts you top of mind as soon as they wake and before they drift off to dreamland…so…


As well as all the text scripts, you’ll also discover…

The secrets of the Wild Feminine woman, that embed her in someone’s heart…FOREVER.

For those who’ve been love-baffled for far too long, you’ll soon have the insider low-down on:

The single most potent emotion to focus on when you want to be a priority

The difference between ‘ordinary’ woman words and ‘extraordinary’ woman language that connects directly to  commitment centres, so attraction is built naturally

The biggest mistake women make when they talk to someone they like, and how changing this, will send your dating success through the roof…even if you’re nervous, timid or shy

The ‘do less, get more’ strategy for winning the heart of ‘The One’ (this will give you the keys to the kingdom of love when you use it)

The 1 type of energy you’re using to REPEL potential relationships, and how to flip it, so you’re the Queen Bee they chase, and let you always know…YOU are good enough!


Before you even use the texts, there’s an entire section dedicated to transforming your personal energy to get the LOVE RESULTS you deserve.

You’ll have access to the ways of the feminine, that leave others wanting YOU, even if there are many more attractive women in the room.

Once you’re in the ‘inner circle’ of the Wild Feminine…

…you’ll be miles ahead of anyone out there who’s using old techniques to build attraction.

When you have this guide in your hands, you’ll be able to navigate your way through the hazardous world of dating, without game-playing or manipulation.

These texting scripts are not only for actual texts…you can use them on dating sites, email and even FACE TO FACE.

You’ll be swept with more ease and speed into the realm of love and connecting to the heart of those you like and love.

And if you’re ready for some ‘DONE FOR YOU’ texting scripts and exclusive guidance on how to love BIGGER, SOONER, FREE-ER…then it can all start right now

Because…let’s face it, what’s the alternative?

Continue to guess, get it wrong and lose another amazing relationship that COULD have worked?

Wonder forever what the REAL secret is of love communication…and second-guessing your every move?

Live the rest of your life alone or worse…with a half-baked relationship that kills your spirit?

Twist yourself in knots of self-doubt every time something goes wrong and you’ve no clue what to say or do?

Hell NO!

Because it doesn’t have to be SO DAMN HARD!

These texts work for anyone when the right person comes along.

And as unromantic as it sounds, a massive part of relationship success, comes from having a strategy that works, not from being a super-model, or uber-talented, or having a saintly nature, or trusting your emotions (they lie!).

Of course, there has to be a foundation of ‘chemistry’ on which to build…

BUT…desire, love and commitment are created by implementing

The Attraction Formula

And you’re moments away from having it in the palm of your hands.

Just click on the button below and your copy of The Secret Texts For Women will swoosh across the universe straight to your inbox.

Then you can just sit back, relax and launch your SEDUCTION TAKEOVER, with your heart-gripping, idiot-proof guide to winning the heart of the one you love. 



We Have Success!

We Have Success!

“What a complete life-saver. I’ve been in a relationship for 2 years and trying to get my boyfriend to respect me and my time has been a battle!  7 days after using the guidance in Texting Secrets as well as the actual scripts…he’s acting really weird (in a good way) and I can see how this radical approach to love WORKS. I feel so empowered.”

Bonnie D.  England

“Once I got the hang of the language and leaned back…the man I was dating asked me to be his girlfriend after months of giving me mixed signals.  The best thing about the guidance is that I now let the texts do all the work for me and I’m no longer willing to chase anyone. EVER AGAIN.”

Hannah S. Texas

“After going through a breakup with my partner I didn’t know where to start with dating again. After almost giving up I found Texting Secrets For Women and now I’m in a new relationship with someone who is so right for me.

It wasn’t natural for me at first, but when I set boundaries a whole new world of love opened up.”

Layla L. Athens

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