Access ‘The Ex-Files’ The Easier Way To Reunite With Your Ex…Without Wasting Time on A Lost Cause!


You’re going through breakup hell…

You had potentially met The One.  You were heading for committment or already there…you were in love..then BOOM, you hear those words...’It’s over’...and you have no idea what to do.

The relationship is broken.


It’s.A.Nightmare. Even though you’re successful; you’re smart; you’re a high-vibe woman, nothing helps the hurt.

Maybe you’ve already made mistakes; second guessing yourself, picking up the phone or typing a text and deleting it, or WORSE, calling, messaging and chasing….*sigh*. 

If your lover has dumped or betrayed you, your brain is going round and round with questions you can’t seem to answer:

  • Why did they leave me…WHY WHY WHY?
  • What did I do wrong?
  • How will I cope?
  • Will I ever get over this?
  • Did I miss the signs they were unhappy?
  • Will I ever love again?
  • How can I feel NORMAL again, what can I do?

Well let your heart settle for a moment and just keep reading.  Because…

I’m going to reveal how to help save your relationship…

Even if it seems over forever

Even if you’ve been separated for weeks and you’re still moping in your onesie

Even if you think it’s impossible to get back together

My name is Linda Bebbington and I’m going to share the counter-intuitive way to win back your Ex’s heart…


I’m going teach you the 5 phases of reconnecting and ONE vital move, that will help you undo all the relationship and breakup damage and give you the best chance of your ex…

…falling in love with you again.


So if you’re sick and tired of your Ex pulling away, ignoring you and breaking your heart, then you need to know…


I’ve been there (too many times), and I’m going to help you stop making the mistakes that repel love and instead, speak and act in ways that align with your true values and standards.

You see, when our heart is in bits, we often act in ways that repel love, instead of drawing it to us.

So, lean in and let’s heal your heart and get you back up on a pedestal where you belong.  

I’ve taken all my own breakup lessons, plus my 22 years as a Relationship Coach… and I’ve put it into something that’s going to shift you from heartbreak to happiness…


And that something is….

‘The Ex-Files’


 A personal invitation for you to do your breakup with class, step into a whole new version of your diva self & get the best chance of winning back your Ex’s heart…


It’s for those who…

  • Think their relationship is worth saving and their Ex is WORTH getting back!
  • Have very recently had a breakup and want the best chance of rekindling the relationship
  • Believe there is still a genuine connection with their Ex with some feelings on both sides



1. The Ex-Files Manual that gives you the step by step approach to reconnecting with your Ex the RIGHT way.

2. A 75-minute Breakup Coaching Call where we deep-dive into your situation and develop a strategy to get you through this tough time. You’ll receive a ton of support and I’ll share the best actions and words to use to maximize your chances of getting your Ex back for good.


In the comprehensive Ex-Files Manual…you’ll discover…

The 5 PHASES you MUST navigate to help save your relationship.  Here’s what you’ll be doing at each phase…

The Shield – The non-action approach that creates the space required for love to rekindle

The Veil – The psychology that puts you top of your ex’s mind

The Velvet Rope – The Chemistry reignition that has them eager to connect with you.

The Gaze – The 3 critical errors to avoid that can ruin second chances, once you’re back together

The Embrace – The right way to get back to commitment, make wiser choices and keep your relationship on-track








To make it all go smoothly, I’ll be showing you how to make powerful boundaries that ensure your standards remain high and your heart remains open.  That means you’ll be more attractive and confident in your love choices moving forward.


Yes Please, I Want To Get Started!

Sound too good to be true?

Wondering if it’s some kind of miracle love-potion we’re peddling over here?

Well it’s not that complicated.  It’s just a strategy that works.

Like it worked for my client Lisa, who’s Ex proposed after 4 months of separation 

Like it’s worked for my current client Jasmin, who’s re-dating her Ex after 5 weeks 

Like it’s going to help YOU, when you start realising how powerful you are

And you’ll know it’s working, when after avoiding you, ghosting you or outright IGNORING you, you finally get that ‘ping’ on your phone with a message that asks…





Not their finest words, but don’t worry, ANY words at this point will show you they still care…

Now they’re thinking about you

Now you’re playing on their mind

Now you have their ATTENTION

And you didn’t have to beg, chase or plead.  Because YOU understood what to do and say to turn it all around.

The truth of the matter is, love can be a whole lot easier when you know how to get on your own side…

It also helps if you can tap into a confident mindset that guides your every move.

This is where we combine all the psychology, science and a lot of self-love to help you get your desired result.

I’ll share tips and strategies of what to do and what not to do in order to rekindle your relationship.

I’ll show you how to feel stronger… so your heart’s as free as a bird.

So, for now, stop what you’re doing and hold off on any further action regarding your Ex.  The only thing you need to do is follow the Ex-Back Files guidance and you’ll soon find out if this relationship can be saved.

It’s totally DOABLE!



YES… I Want The ‘Ex-Files’ Now!

We Have Success!

“Well I’m happy to say I got him back and we’ve now been living together for 6 happy months.  If I hadn’t worked with Linda I would never have known all the mistakes I was making post breakup.  With the help of the coaching I turned it all around and now I’m one confident and contented girl.”

Y.E – New York City

“I did get my Ex back but more than that, I realised that I didn’t need to try so hard all the time.  I just make my boundaries and let everything else take care of itself.  The Ex Files helped me prioritize myself and that seemed to allow love to grow even more”

D.B  –  London

“Well the most surprising thing was, after the Ex Back program, I didn’t want my ex back afterall!  I focused on finding someone new and getting it right from the get-go. I did further programs with Linda  and I’m now in a relationship with a beautiful, masculine man who adores the ground I walk on.”

L.M. San Diego

A Reminder Of What You’ll Receive


The Psych-Approved Ex-Back Scripts –  These are words and scripts you can tweak and use through the phases of break up to make up.  No more guessing!  These are ‘Done For You’ responses.  It includes the 5 PHASES of reconnecting, what to do and what to say at each stage to give you the best chance of getting back together. It’s delivered to your inbox immediately so you’ll have it in your hands in minutes...and can start putting things right TODAY!



75 Minutes With Linda –  You’ll have relationship expert eyes on your situation, working through what happened and your best chance of fixing it.  We’ll get you on the way to healing your heartbreak, building your confidence and giving you your best shot at reuniting with the one you’ve lost.
Once you order, I’ll be in touch and get you booked in for your session asap.


75 Minutes With Linda –  You’ll have relationship expert eyes on your situation, working through what happened and your best chance of fixing it.  We’ll get you on the way to healing your heartbreak, building your confidence and giving you your best shot at reuniting with the one you’ve lost.
Once you order, I’ll be in touch and get you booked in for your session asap.


What happens after I sign up?

When you sign up, we’ll send you a confirmation email and your Ex-Files Manual, so you’ll be ready to go.  I’ll then send you a link to my calendar where you can book your session with me.  You’ll then be invited into our private Facebook Group where you’ll be able to ask questions about all your relationship issues.

What happens during an 'Ex Back Session'?

The session takes place via Skype/Zoom or via messenger/call.  Linda will arrange a time and call you at that time for your session.  During that session, you’ll be able to talk about your personal situation and get clarity and direction.  Linda will guide you on strategies YOU can use to apply to your specific breakup situation.  You’ll leave the call informed, optimistic and ready to start your journey to confidence and healing.

When can I use my sessions?

The 1-1 sessions are valid for 60 days.  As breakup help tends to be urgent, we understand you may want to book as soon as possible.   We aim to get you booked in within days of signing up.  However, you can still come into the Facebook Group right away and start getting some initial help until it’s time for your 1-1 coaching. You’ll also have the Ex-Files Manual so you won’t be left floundering or making any further mistakes relating to reconnecting with your Ex and you’ll be encouraged from day one, to start your own healing and heartbreak recovery.

Can I get a refund?

If you request a refund before you receive any bonus or session, I offer a refund.  We don’t want to hold you hostage, if you intuitively feel you’ve made a purchase mistake.

Do you guarantee to get me back with my ex?

As every human is unique and every situation different, we couldn’t possibly guarantee that. However, what we offer you is the best chance of getting your Ex back or the support to get over them and heal.  That said, our teachings have a good success rate in reuniting people with their Exs, so you have a better chance if you follow the instructions exactly. We can tell what to do and say, but you have to implement the advice.